Our heart is to spread the gospel and the Good News about Jesus to Everyone Everywhere. Through our partners in Indonesia we have the opportunity to broadcast the message of hope to a whole island.

Alor island is just north of Timor and we are helping to construct a radio station that will reach all 200,000 people of the island with community education, health programs and the gospel message.


Cataract blindness affects around 18 million people worldwide and around 90% of those people are in poor countries. This disability forces people deeper and deeper into poverty.

This can all change with a simple 12 minute operation.

We are working with Christian Blind Mission to provide cataract surgeries for men, women and children in Indonesia.


Across the world there are an estimated 27 million slaves. Many of them are young girls forced or tricked into sexual slavery in South East Asia.

In partnership with Destiny Rescue we have established Ken Brown Rescue Home and the Lorna Hunt Rescue Home in Thailand and Laos respectively where girls who have been rescued are rehabilitated and given a chance to start anew.

We are in the process of establishing our third home, the Noel Messer Memorial Rescue Home, in Laos in 2017.


Water is such a vital part of life and often in poorer countries access to good, clean water is difficult for many people. This causes issues of health, education, safety and reinforces poverty in many areas.

We are helping to bring change to communities by constructing wells in villages that do not have access to clean water. These wells bring transformation to communities and open the door for our partners to plant churches as well.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo good health care is extremely hard to find. And when people do find this health care they are often unable to afford the fees to pay for the care they so desperately need.

Over the past several years we have been helping to build the capacity of a hospital in Bukavu, South Kivu. We have completed construction of a maternity ward, purchased an ultrasound and X-Ray machine and helped with training staff to provide quality medical care to the people of Bukavu.

We will continue to help provide support to this hospital so that it can make a lasting change in this community.


Widows in Burundi are outcasts in society. Once they lost their husband the lose all status and are left to totally fend for themselves often caring for many children who are orphans as well.

We are helping the widows of Burundi to see that someone cares for them and helping to give them a hand up by providing them with a home. These homes bring much needed protection for these women and allow them to begin life again.



Working with John and Made Stevens on the Island of Bali, we have partnered together since 2012 to help build a ministry training centre, provide computers for English classes and construct water tanks.



Poverty is something that deeply affects people in ways that are much more than just material possessions. In Vietnam more than 13 million people are living in poverty and many of them have no hope of changing their circumstances.

We have the opportunity to help to lift a whole community out of poverty. Binh Dao village in the Quang Nam province has a population of 8,079 people where the average income is $940AUD/yr.

Our team works with the community leaders to help them identify the key areas of need which will bring a lasting change to their community. Then we help supply them with the means to make that change in areas such as water projects, health programs, skills training, health and safety training and much more.